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I ended my portion of a sailboat partnership- How do I withdraw from the jointli participation without ending the Jointli partnership and the calander/notifications to the rest of the partnership?

Joe Heinzmann - 4 years ago

How much is Jointli?- I don't see any pricing info

Joe Heinzmann - 5 years ago

is anyone in the chicago land area

Edward White - 5 years ago

Im seeking a ferrari for $100 a day

markkingsberry - 5 years ago

How can we make Jointli better?

Are there additional features you'd like to see? Are we missing something that would make it easier to get into shared ownership?
Paul Citarella - 5 years ago

seeking share in SR22 G3 at KMMU

Robert Graifman - 6 years ago

Looking to rent some low wing aircraft jacks.

thomas matacia - 6 years ago

Is forming an LLC really necessary?

I spoke with a lawyer about sharing a boat with a group of friends and he recommended that we form an LLC. Is that really necessar...
James Westfall - 6 years ago


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